We welcome your interest in our Online Colour & Trends magazine!

Currently we offer the following options to showcase your product or event:

Right sidebar ad

Submitted images for the righthand sidebar need to be 474px by 600 px with a resolution of at least 72 ppi. Please make sure that the image has your logo any relevant information. Also, if you are unable, we can create a custom ad for you. 

Sponsored Posts

You may submit an advertorial featuring your product in an editorial setting. However, acceptance will be at the discretion of the editors.

In addition, please be aware of the following:

• Images need to be clearly identified with your brand name and the size needs to be at least 1000px by 1000px with a resolution of no less than 72 ppi.

• Also, make sure you are the owner of all intellectual property rights, and that we are free to publish said images and/or content partially or whole on this website, or via mobile applications; and to allow third parties also to similarly publish aforesaid content where they do so in association with us.

When providing submissions to us, please confirm that you agree with these terms.

For more information, email us at info@colourandtrends.com