Is an online fashion magazine tracking colour and trends for footwear, handbags, jewelry and accessories. Yes, you read correctly, our focus is on all accessories, from head to toe. That said, we certainly stay on top of general fashion trends because knowing what they are will determine the shoe silhouettes and accessories.  We analize what the designers are presenting on the runway but we are also keenly aware that consumers are no longer following anyone’s fashion dictum. Trends can manifest themselves suddenly out of nowhere and can go viral very quickly.

It is our mission to keep you posted of what is happening. We live in the fashion capitals. We travel, we attend shows and trade fairs, we talk to the influencers, we shop till we drop...and we always want to know about the next thing. We report on what’s new and exciting at least six months or more in advance before trends will hit. We hope you will enjoy our take on fashion.

Our Team

Ellen Campuzano, Editor

Tamara Spiegel, Fashion Editor


Associate Editors:

Lauren Bahri, Paris

Petsy Kaffens, London

Penny Leese, Copenhagen


Graphic Design:

Angela Frankson