10 Jewelry Concepts to Consider for Fall/Winter 2016/17


Victoriana romanticism, Eighties allusions to modern excess and fashion’s exploration of arctic tribal influences all contribute to jewelry designs. In addition, there are on-going key motifs such as tassels and leaves that have staying power, and the colour black (often combined with crystals) moves to the forefront. The oversized, bold look of seasons’ past becomes refined with small, more delicate pieces.

1. TwinSet 2. TwinSet 3. MYMV

Delicate necklaces of varying lengths with romantic charms are layered. Another layering effect consists of adjustable bracelets in various metal colours.

4. Marchesa 5. London Street 6. Concept

Queen Victoria provides inspiration of a gentler, more romantic era. After her husband, Prince Albert passed, she only wore black jewelry made of jet or onyx. Today’s Victoriana adds crystals into the mix.

7. Paul & Joe 8. DSquared2 9. John Richmond

Modern day black takes on a more urban, hard-edged look with chains, pins and black hearts.

10. Batacuda 11. Andrew Gn 12. Oana Millet

Bright colours borrow from the Eighties. Yet interpretation and execution are strictly contemporary in rubber, sheet metal and 3-d printing.

13. Apriatli 14. Hip 15. Ashley Heather Jewellery Design

Delicate rings, pendant necklaces or bracelets are worn in multiples and make a refined, yet powerful statement.

16. Anteprima 17. Balenciaga 18. Anna Louis

Earrings are long, almost touching the shoulder. Yet designs are strictly contemporary.

19. Joy Accessories  20. Elie Saab 21. Concept

Jewelry has been leading the way with leaf motifs and foliage themes. Textile fashions have tapped into the autumnal moods, and the over-all trend will remain a strong trend.

22. Sicis 23. Accessorize 24. Caron

Fringe evolves into silk fringe, beaded fringe and delicate chain fringe, worn as Y-necklaces or dropping off neck wires.

25. Rebecca Minkoff 26. Ralph Lauren 27. Ralph Lauren

Feather motifs, wood, horn and bone are some materials evoking a wintery tribal mood.

28. Philippe Ferrandis 29. Akris 30. Artwear Dimitriadis

Contemporary silver designs and settings give pearls and crystals a modern new look.