Milan Street/IMAXtree

It’s official! Badges, decals, stickers and pins are the new way to personalize anything, from a jacket to a handbag or backpack, even shoes. They can be those old-fashioned travel souvenir stick-on patches, retro suitcase decals, flag stickers, cartoon imagery, whatever! Anything to express individual style!

1. Copenhagen Street/IMAXtree 2. London Street/IMAXtree

Adding patches to a varsity jacket is not a new idea. However, stickers on a clutch bag are

3. TopShop – London Retail 4.  Paris Street

Military looks still prevail updated now via individual badges and patches on parkas and backpacks

5. New York Street/IMAXtree 6. Le Centrale – Paris Retail

Sophisticated tweeds and tapestry fabrics, regardless whether in a jacket or chain shoulder bag, get personalized via whimsical motif patches

7. Milan Street/IMAXtree 8. Milan Street/IMAXtree

Patriotic message buttons, smiley faces and flags are popular motifs to affix onto bags and shoes

9. New York Street/IMAXtree 10. Paris Street/IMAXtree

Classic shoulder bags get a whimsical update via cartoon stickers or bold name labels reiterating the brand. BTW, credit where credit is due: this look originated with Brit designer Anya Hindmarch about two years ago….trends take time to take a hold!

11. Louis Vuitton – Paris Retail 12. Louis Vuitton – Hamburg Retail

Megabrand Louis Vuitton goes back to its travel roots and screen-prints old-fashioned travel stickers onto their logo bags

13. Paris Street/IMAXtree

Don’t have time to sew on patches? Personalize your look with printed images of your choice in your local “print your own t-shirt” shop