Paris Street/IMAXtree

Hoop earrings never seem to go out of style, on the contrary, the bigger they are, the better. This concept of large circular motifs expands easily into other jewelry silhouettes regardless of price points, from fine to fashion. Here are some we spotted this season in Europe.

1. Malloni – Milan Retail 2. Malloni – Milan Retail

Wrapped rings of different size and scale worn as a short pendant cluster had a contemporary edge

3. TopShop – London Retail 4. TopShop – London Retail

Black and gold or all black light weight thin wire rings on thin, waxed cotton strings were an inexpensive on-target fashion look in London

5. Alienina 6. Arthus Bertrand – Paris Retail

Oversized or minimal, black round disks and plaques go into different design directions

7. Swarovski – Paris Retail 8. Swarovski – Paris Retail

Intertwined pendant rings with or without sparkly crystals create movement on a neckwire or longer necklace

9. Toolally

Rings become decorative elements on a bold resin chain