Pellat Finet/IMAXtree

Retro military gold braids, brass buttons and silk frog closures have injected a whiff of nostalgic romance into street fashions this season. Inspired by Napoleon’s army? Hardly! The root of the trend is rather more recent. The exhibition “You Say You Want a Revolution? “ at the Victoria & Albert museum in London focuses on music, film, design and political activism from the years 1966-1970, an era that defined the peace & love generation with the Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band album. And the Fab Four’s frog closure pseudo military bright costumes are on display, an inspiring vision.

1. London Street/IMAXtree 2. Dolce & Gabbana/Milan Retail

Embellishment details are back! Silk braids in intricate patterns are reminiscent of another era. They add a touch of nostalgic glamour to anything, from jackets to bags

3. Milan Street/IMAXtree

Golden silk frog closure tabs on a velvet jacket. Really on trend!

4. Dolce & Gabbana/Milan Retail 5. Zara/Milan Retail

Braided loops can be anywhere, on a sportive jacket or on a glamorous Mary Jane instep strap shoe

6. Paris Street/IMAXtree 7. Paris Street/IMAXtree

Brass buttons! Another way to tap into a nostalgic military mood

8. DSquared2/Paris Retail 9. New York Street/IMAXtree

Bold silk cords and tassels give a velvet suit bag regal status while gold braiding keeps a vest casual