Spring 2017 Jewelry Opts For Romance

Anne Vaughan

Jewelry and hair accessories will continue with a strong focus on metal, precious or otherwise, and delicate designs will be key. Whereas the mood has been totally modern and geometric lately (and to a certain degree that trend will continue), there is a strong renewed interest in vintage and romance early in the season. As spring segues into summer jewelry takes a less formal approach with handcrafted and colourful ethnic looks.

1. Anne Vaughan 2. Eiden

Delicate chains are equally as important in hair accessories as in jewelry. Small pendants and enhancers are layered in different length chains creating an important, non-minimal statement

3. Aliquo 4. Aliquo 5. Filli Bijoux

Besides eternal hearts and stars jewelry designs phase into summer with equally classic birds, bees and butterfly motifs

6. Artipol 7. Mattioli 8. Vincent Filac

Victoriana nostalgia will carry forward into spring with rose quartz and pale angel skin coral cameos. Intricate scrollwork and leafy vines surround pale stones

9. Lye Collection 10. YAY

There is a new twist to metal jewelry. Rose gold has been so strong that it will be hard to give up. However, it now gets combined with yellow gold and silver for a mixed metal look. Surface textures can be added to add yet another dimension

11. Laeti Trema 12. Van Der Bauewede

Whether a tropical bloom cocktail ring or delicate spring flowers in the hair, spring / summer offers multiple floral jewelry design opportunities from bold sophistication to sweet romance

13. Joanna Laura Constantine 14. Edge of Ember

Once thought of as old-fashioned, pearls get a modern make-over when set onto a gold choker or into a neck wire

15. Oksanda Jewelry 16. Victor Alfaro / IMAXtree

The geometric look evolves into off-sided or three-dimensional rectangles

17. Paris Street / IMAXtree 18. Clo & Lou

Casual summer whites require casual jewelry. Lariats and Y-necklaces are easy silhouettes, and layering several silver pendants in different chain lengths add to the casual mood

19. Valentino 20. St. Erasmus

Organic and handcrafted are themes that will translate easily into high summer jewelry. Sticks and stones and bones are an eclectic direction, whereas crochet covered beads convey a made-by-hand look

21. Candy Rocket 22. Arcus 23. Tommy Hilfiger

Ready-to-wear fashions will adapt an ethnic mood as temperatures rise, and colourful handcrafted voodoo doll pendants, crochet/woven necklaces and bright rope wrapped bangles will accessorize the look perfectly