Jewelry At Bijorhca Taps Into Trends

All you need to update your wardrobe is an exciting new piece of jewelry, and Bijorhca, the semi-annual jewelry and watch fair held in Paris earlier this month had plenty. The fair was well organized, fine jewelry and watches in the front of the hall, and fashion jewelry grouped around a well-conceived trend area. In addition, the lower floor of Bijorhca was entirely devoted to suppliers to the jewelry industry showing new beads and findings, a great source of inspiration.

Although the trend area proposed fall/winter 2016/17 trends, we felt that many concepts were simply as valid going forward, and many vendors showed already spring/summer 2017 collections in tune with those trends. 

1. Bijorhca Trend Area 2. Matsuyoi 3. Sonia Iglič 4. Le Coté de Guermantes

Pink Lady
French jewelry designers took their cue from the fall runway collections in Paris where many shades of pink were shown. Chanel in particular loved hot pink tweed suits, but softer pinks and blush were equally as represented in fall collections. Jewelry designers focused on the romantic as well as on more modern interpretations incorporating shades of pink.

5. Bijoux ML 6. Zoe Bonbon

From leather bands to simple beads, soft pinks could accessorize winter pales or highlight dark fashions…or simply wait for next spring

7. Anna e Alex 8.  FL Private Collection

Bib necklaces still seemed to have their place, either as light as air in a spray or more formal in a corded/knotted  necklace version with crystal drop-offs

9. Bijorhca Trend Area 10. Clotilde Silva Unger

Flower Fantasy
Flowers are not just a spring trend. Dark printed winter blooms and jacquards with elaborate vine and floral patterns were represented in many designer collections.

11. Bijorhca Trend Area 12. Beatrice Des Rousseaux

When the dress is plain, elaborate appliqués or an important piece of jewelry can make the difference. Winter florals will segue into spring

13. Christian Lacroix 14. Nona X Naouchka 15. Mysen

Colourful blooms lighten up a dark watch, and 3-D metal cast floral motifs on bracelets are simply timeless

16. Bijorhca Trend Area 17. Philippe Ferrandis

Military Rock
Two trends in one: an on-going fascination with anything military has moved the colour olive and stylized camouflage patterns to the forefront

18. Christina Brampti 19. Christina Brampti

Bold necklaces with a contemporary urban vibe play with various metal shades and olive

20. Arctus 21. Votus Mademoiselle

Protective shield necklaces for galactic warriors rock!

22. Bijorhca Trend Area 23. Philippe Ferrandis

Night Luxury
Velvet and feathers and mysterious darks get bold jewelry accents

24. Vogline Paris 25. Infinie M 26. Christian Lecroix

Dark is the night, but insects and jewels give off iridescent shimmer

27. Bijorhca Trend Area 28. ArtWear Dimitriadis

Glamorous evenings require glamorous bold jewelry. Long pendant necklaces and fringe make a statement

The next edition of Bijorhca will take place in Paris, Porte de Versailles, from Jan. 20-23, 2017