Conceria Gaiera Giovanni / Conceria Stefania / Sicerp

The next edition of Lineapelle will take place February 21-23, 2017 in Milan

Leathers and materials promised luxurious refinement for fall/winter 2017/18 footwear, handbags and accessories. That was the consensus at Lineapelle, the international leather fair held in Milan, Italy, this month. A comprehensive audio-visual presentation and a well-laid out trend area made it easy for designers and merchandisers to grasp the essence of the season. Shimmer and shine remained key factors, yet less loud and obvious. Grains were also less bold (besides the classic crocos), and there was a trend towards more technical fabrics in the non-leather sector that translated into small- scale leather prints as well. Velvet continued its success story from the current season with new burnout and flocked versions. There were definitely fewer prints. Yet classic menswear patterns, winter florals and stylized camouflage prints held their own.

1. Falco Pellami 2. Ambassador 3. Maisiini

Small-scale patterns and grains got a pearlized wash or metal dust cover

4. Conceria Gaiera Giovanni 5. Masiini 6. Gruppo Vecchia Toscana

Two-tone and tri-tone colour layers got gently diffused

7. M2 8. Conceria Nathalie 9. Conceria Nathalie

Rub it, fold it, wrinkle it…finishing.techniques created subtle surface interest

10. Conceria Zabri 11. Sicerp 12. Conceria Nathalie

Brush strokes added a diffused, irregular pattern

13. Conceria Stefania 14. Masiini 15. Camaleonte

Metal sheen was omnipresent on every type of leather, from exotic snakes and crocos to smooth finishes

16. Caraviaggo 17. Faeda 18. Industria Conciaria Europa

The new patent leather went beyond black and smooth. Iridescent underlays and crinkle surfaces were new ways to update a favourite material

19. Ambassador 20. Ambassador 21. M2

Ever-so-soft suede was leather’s way to create a velvet-like touch


22. Masiini 23. Masiini 24. Masiini

Rough-hewn surfaces, dimensional and irregular, created a sportive look in leathers. Metallic finishes added a futuristic touch

25. Colortex 26. Attilio Imperiali 27. Faeda

Velvet was definitely a “must have” material going forward, and leather upped the ante by bonding it for more substance

28. Gruppo Vecchia Toscana 29. Tuscania 30. Colortex

Flocked patterns on leathers and non-leathers evoked different moods via patterns, from romantic scrolls, checks and florals to abstracted animal prints

31. Meridiana 32. Sicerp 33. Masiini

Winter blooms were dark and moody

34. Masiini 35. Faeda 36. Masiini

It’s all in the finish! Brush off a little or a lot, revealing two-tone patterns below

37. Meridiana 38. Colortex 39. DelVecchio

Tech-savvy patterns were rubberized and bonded for a reversible look, and leathers followed the idea with geometric microprints

40. Ambassador 41. Camaleonte 42. Conceria Nathalie

Herringbones were the big pattern news at the textile fair the prior week, and leathers interpreted the look in creative new ways

43. Bigagli 44. M2 45. Ambassador

Prince of Wales checks, Highland plaids and simple checks got merged with suede, velvet or camouflage for a totally new look