Milan Street/IMAXtree

The house of Gucci has been undergoing turbulent changes ever since Alessandro Michele took over as design director a little more than a year ago. He has shaken things up, but the risk-taking paid off. Not only have Gucci ready-to-wear fashions transitioned from the runway onto the street, the handbags have benefitted from the design overhaul whirlwind as well. Gucci handbags were by far the new “It” bags this season in London, New York and Milan.

1. Gucci 2. Gucci 

The venerable logo got “cartoonized” on a classic shoulder suit bag

3. Milan Street/IMAXtree 4. Gucci/Milan Retail

Bold colour blocks transitioned easily from summer into fall

5. Milan Street/IMAXtree 6. Milan Street/IMAXtree

The famous logo print fabric of a satchel got decorated with flowers, leaves and birds

7. Milan Street/IMAXtree 8. New York Street/IMAXtree

Love is in the air with heart motifs, sultry lips and stars, all adorning classic shoulder bags

9. Milan Street/IMAXtree 10. Milan Street/IMAXtree

Birds, bees and snakes were some favourite motifs from the runway collection transitioning onto bags as well

11. Gucci/Milan Retail 12. Gucci/Milan Retail

The Milanese department store La Rinascente devoted all of its windows during Milan fashion week to Gucci and displayed the entire handbag collection, from backpacks, to satchels, totes and shoulder bags…all featuring the new seasonal motifs

13. New York Street/IMAXtree

A Gucci bag is the bag of choice of the fashion savvy this season