Paris Street / IMAXtree

Whether Fedora, Trilby or Bowler, hats top off street fashions this season. Always brimmed and made of felt, they simply go with everything, from slouch jackets to tailored shirts or ultra-feminine dresses. Here are some examples spotted in the fashion capitals last month

1. London Street/IMAXtree 2. Courtesy Nicki Marquardt

Wine is not only a fave ready-to-wear and footwear colour but fedoras look great in new wine shades as well

3. Paris Street/IMAXtree 4. Milan Street/IMAXtree

Whether a tall or more flattened out crown, a simple black brimmed hat is part of the new street uniform

5. Giorgio Armani 6. Milan Street

Really cropped porkpie narrow brim hats were prominently displayed in Giorgio Armani’s window and seen on a young woman strolling down the Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Milan

7. Milan Street/IMAXtree

A super feminine spaghetti strap summer dress gets a tailored touch for fall from a felt hat

8. London Street/IMAXtree 9. New York Street/IMAXtree

Bright orange and spruce green get these hats noticed

10. Courtesy Nicki Marquardt 11. Courtesy Nicki Marquardt

Whether classic fedora or soft floppy brim, a hat adds boyish charm this fall