Milan Street/IMAXtree

Hope, prosperity, and new beginnings are all associated with the colour green. Add to that eco-consciousness, and it is not surprising that many shades of green have slipped into mainstream fashion. Deep forest greens and utilitarian olive shades were fall/winter favourites. Leafy prints got a head start on London streets, and spring/summer 2017 runways showed more. Accessories are tapping into the trend as well, and Pantone ®, the international colour authority has proclaimed “Greenery” a fresh new green as the colour of the year 2017.

1.  Fay/IMAXtree 2. Salvatore Ferragamo/IMAXtree

Whether suede or poplin, utilitarian shades of green continue to make impact

3. Emanuel Ungaro/IMAXtree 4. Vivetta/IMAXtree

Mixing shades of green opens new colour horizons

5. London Street/IMAXtree 6. Max Mara/IMAXtree

Lush tropical leafy prints evoke the rainforest

7. Roger Vivier 8. Milan Street/IMAXtree

Shoes and bags also make a green statement

9. Arthur Arbesser/IMAXtree 10. Laura Biagiotti/IMAXtree

Greens start off spring with the shades of tender buds and sprigs

11. Pantone®

Get a fresh start with Pantone®’s “Greenery”