New York Street/IMAXtree

We went bird watching in the fashion capitals. Birds have been fluttering around fashion as print motifs for a couple years already. Now they are migrating into fall. They seem to be everywhere, on jackets, coats, sweat shirts, on shoes, bags. They are no longer just printed, now they are hand-painted, appliquéd, beaded, even embroidered. The effect has become bolder and more three-dimensional, and these birds don’t seem to mind the cooler weather.


1. Gucci/Paris Retail 2. Milan Street/IMAXtree

Birds in flight with a large wingspan strike a casual unisex note on jackets and sweatshirts


3. Milan Street/IMAXtree 4. Alberta Ferretti

Appliqué motifs on a transitional coat include birds, and a little fluttering bird on a sweater pretends to be a pin


5. Doc Martens 6. Paris Street/IMAXtree

Songbirds are perching on a quilted vest as well as on a casual Doc Marten lace-up oxford


7. Veronique Branquinho/IMAXtree 8. Rochas

All kinds of designers received the call. Images of little birds tweeting in shrubs embroidered on a dress or beaded onto a boxy clutch bag have found great appeal


9. Milan Street/IMAXtree 10. Nach

Wait for spring….flocks of birds will be back on dresses, in jewelry and more