There seems to be an anti smart watch movement going on! Those who did not inherit a pocket watch from their grandfather have the opportunity to get one now. Many Swiss luxe watch makers have re-introduced pocket watches that can be clipped onto anything or stand up on a desktop. Designs vary from authentic-looking vintage to elaborate hunting scenes to totally sleek and contemporary. And, by the way, it’s a unisex trend!

1. London Street/IMAXtree 2. Tissot Novelties

In the age of gender blending the pocket watch is making a comeback as a fashion accessory. Vintage styling prevails

3. & 4. Hermès

The cover of these pocket watches picture coloured enamel images of the hunt that are reminiscent of medieval tapestries. Note the absence of a chain, instead a contemporary leather thong…

5. & 6 Albert Riehle

The skeleton watch has evolved into a pocket watch, a new way to wear a perennial favourite for the man who likes elegant luxury

7. & 8. Axcent by People Products

A sleek modern design in grey and taupe attractively packaged in a simple box moves the pocket watch into the 21st century

9. Longines

Don’t have a vest with a pocket for your watch like in the good ole days? Just keep it on your night table for a bit of nostalgia