Watches At Baselworld Maximize Trends

Baselworld Trade Fair Report No. 2: Fashion Watches


Women’s watches became more important at this year’s Baselworld, tapping into colour trends emanating from the world of women’s fashions. Besides a veritable explosion of bright colours there was also the concept that all-over white has peaked in favour of soft neutrals and pastels. In addition, watches maximized flora and fauna motifs that are also prominent in other areas, from ready-to-wear to other accessories.

1. Claude Bernard 2. Ferragamo 3. Hamilton

Think beige, sand and desert shades mixed with a bit of soft coral. Added to that were exotic watch bands in croco and snake, adding a textural element to the eternal shimmer of gold.

4. Mondaine

The ever-classic and modern Swiss railroad watch got a feminine makeover with a range of softly coloured lizard watchbands.

5. Cuervo Y Sobrinos

Colours intensified with stronger shades of orange, yellow and blue, not only with croco bands but also with matching watch faces.

6. Ferragamo 7. Hublot 8. Bulgari

Shades of pink were part of the feminine watch repertory, from soft pastels to deeper orchid shades. Newest were mother-of-pearl watch faces in soft blush shades.

9. L'Duchen 10. Charriol 11. Bulgari

Celestial motifs, from moons to the night sky, always in shades of blue, remained popular watch face options.

12. Fabergé 13. Kerbedanz 14. Chopard

Various greens, malachite, jade, and emeralds acknowledged the trend of celebrating the treasures of the earth. Tree and branch motifs added to the mood of nature.

15. Sarcar 16. Graff 17. Gucci

Insects of all kinds, little bugs, bees and lady bugs adorned watch faces and were even used to create elaborate cases, a sweet, very feminine look for watches.

18. Hysek 19. Greco 20. Greco

Butterflies were another favourite motif. However, fluffy marabou feathers surrounding the case acknowledged the feather trend in a literal way.

21. Bulgari 22. L'Duchen 23. Fabergé

Birds of fantasy spread their wings in multi-colours on elaborate watch faces.

24. Victorinox

A braided rope watchband created a sportive casual look.

The next edition of Baselworld will take place from March 23-30, 2017 in Basel, Switzerland.