Feet Dress Up

Milan Street/IMAXtree

Tired of the casual “comfort” footwear look so prevalent these past couple of seasons? Well, change is in the air. In Paris, Milan, New York and Tokyo, we spotted the fashion savvy dressing up their feet again. High heels simply make legs look great regardless whether they are stilettos or block heels. Pointy toes were certainly plentiful but rounder toe shapes and sandals were popular as well. Newest, the lace-up summer granny boot! Take a cue from these fashionistas for your own shoe wardrobe.

1. Milan Street/IMAXtree 2. Paris Street/IMAXtree

Point those toes forward! Red shoes are a basic. Big buckles and ankle wraps add individuality.

3. New York Street/IMAXtree 4. Milan Street/IMAXtree

Add some colour to your feet! Hot pink stiletto sandals certainly add a soft touch to man-tailored trousers, and stars scattered on the vamp are sure to attract attention.

5. Milan Street/IMAXtree 6. Milan Street/IMAXtree

When the dress is a bold colour the shoes don’t have to be as bold. However, they can still be interesting like this lace-up ankle wrap sandal with an unusual opened-up high heel.

7. Tokyo Street/IMAXtree 8. Tokyo Street/IMAXtree

Make some noise with pearls and rings dangling off the instep of a bare ankle wrap sandal.

9. New York Street/IMAXtree 10. New York Street/IMAXtree

Pink Mary Jane instep strap pumps make an easy go-to spring colour statement accessorizing anything from fringe jeans to sassy mini dresses. Heels can be high or low. Toe characters can be round or pointy.

11. Paris Street/IMAXtree 12. Paris Street/IMAXtree

This modern varsity look got a colour punch with a kiltie moccasin on a mid high block heel in a “in your face” acidic yellow metallic shade.

13. Milan Street/IMAXtree

Don’t be afraid to let your feet make a colourful dress shoe statement this summer and beyond.