Good Ole Blue

Paris Street/IMAXtree

Denim will never ever go away! But the classic pair of jeans is simply no longer where it’s at (everybody owns at least a couple pairs!) Denim now gets cut off, fringed, patched, buttoned up and dressed up. See how these young women in Paris, Milan, London, Tokyo and Copenhagen interpreted their denim style this season.

1. Milan Street/IMAXtree 2. Paris Street/IMAXtree

Cut offs can be at the knee, at the ankle, anywhere you choose. The key is to generate ragged fringe edges for that lived in vintage mood. Tailored moccasins add a sophisticated citified look.

3. London Street/IMAXtree 4. Paris Street/IMAXtree

Patchwork is back in fashion, and all the different shades and washes of denim are ideal to create a tonal, all-blue denim look in anything, from trousers to halter dresses.

5. Paris Street/IMAXtree 6. Milan Street/IMAXtree

How to dress up a pair of simple jeans? It’s simple, open back high heel mules or slides will add street-smart sex appeal. Want to add another level of sophistication? A matching jacket, inspired by 19th century hussar uniforms with brass buttons tap into a recurring military trend.

7. Tokyo Street/IMAXtree 8. Milan Street/IMAXtree

Longer hemlines are a must this season, and a dark indigo shirtdress and laundered denim A-line skirt worn with high heels definitely set a feminine note.

9. Milan Street/IMAXtree 10. Paris Street/IMAXtree

Crisper temperatures require layering, and a denim trench coat is a great in-between season solution. Three quarter car coat length jackets worn over your favourite blue dress achieve the same.

11. Copenhagen Street/IMAXtree 12. Barbara Bui

Whether basic jeans, a moto jacket or a pair of clogs, the colour of denim and the look of denim transcends every classification, from ready-to-wear fashions to footwear and accessories.

13. London Street/IMAXtree

East Coast or West Coast, Europe or Asia, denim is here to stay!