Saddle Up

Céline / Longines

You don’t actually have to own a horse in order to get the newest handbag silhouette: a saddlebag! Usually worn as a cross-body shoulder bag, they come in shades of tan and brown for the most authentic look. They are mid-size, easy entry one compartment bags with a simple front flap closure, making finding things in your bag a breeze.

1. Acoté 2. Altuzarra

Raw-edged harness leather is an authentic component of the design. Flap closures can get fancy with braiding and tassels.

3. Milan Street / IMAXtree 4. Chloé

Shades of brown, from chocolate to tan, are classic colourations. However, white versions have been spotted this summer as well.

5. New York Street / IMAXtree 6. Altuzarra

Saddlebags have no season. Although they are somewhat understated with little or no embellishments, they have universal year-round appeal.

Shoulder straps can usually be adjusted to be long or short. Saddlebags are the perfect versatile everyday bag for anyone.