It's A Man's World

Ulysse Nardin

Men like to think of themselves as aviators, racing car drivers and yachtsmen. Luxury watch companies have long recognized this by supporting key events in those sports. Ulysse Nardin’s Grand Deck Marine Tourbillon watch matches the blue of the “Artemis” racing yacht team in part sponsored by Ulysse Nardin.

1. & 2. Snyper 3. Bell & Ross

The Monza race attracts racing car enthusiasts from all over the world. Snyper sponsors one of the drivers and promotes a black and red sport watch that matches the car.

4. & 5. TagHeuer

Nostalgia plays a major role in the watch industry, and TagHeuer brought back the Heuer Monza 40th anniversary watch commemorating Niki Lauda’s Formula 1 victory.

6. & 7. Mecchaniche Veloci

Ever since the Audrey Hepburn movie that took her sightseeing in Rome on the back of a Vespa motor scooters have maintained their “cool factor”.  Mecchaniche Veloci’s sport watch is equally as cool not only for riding on a Vespa but so much more.

8. Tissot

Want to root for your favourite team! Tissot Novelties’ watch is available with a webbed wrist strap in your team’s colours bound to attract attention when cheering at a basketball match.

9. Aviator Archive 10. Aviator

The good ole’ days of prop planes produced some wonderful aviator watches, and the Aviator watch brand is bringing them back.

11. HYT

Peter Hackett’s collaboration with HYT’s“Bad Boy” watch makes a futuristic statement ready to defeat aliens.