Add Some Pop

Milan Street / IMAXtree

The exhibition at the Tate Modern in London “The World Goes Pop” has come and gone but its effects are resonating throughout the fashion industry. The key message of the exhibit was, that although initiated in New York in the Sixties, the pop art movement went global. As it often happens, a major art exhibit inspired designers to re-imagine the essence of a movement, and a Roy Lichtenstein-like cartoon image on a coat was already worn by a fashionista in Milan.

1. Milan Street 2. London Street / IMAXtree

Famous pop art images are becoming print motifs for ready-to-wear, and brightly coloured dots on a Lucite case bag are the finishing touch.

3. London Street / IMAXtree

4. Paris Street / IMAXtree

5. Pitti Uomo Street / IMAXtree

Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s soup can was the original concept of using product advertising imagery as art. Tablet covers and little wrist handle bags tap into the trend for a new generation. Add to that whimsical a plush toy phone cover, and pop has been fully appropriated by the 21st century.

6. McDonald's

McDonald’s plays with its logo as a graphic pop icon in their global packaging rebranding strategy

7. Milan Street / IMAXtree

Explosive messages in a bubble continue to make a statement.